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Supplements for a Healthy Inflammatory Response

✨Steal our top supplement tips for a healthy inflammatory response✨ Inflammation is not entirely evil. We need our bodies to mount an inflammatory response to fight off infections or heal from injuries, but we don’t want to be stuck in a never-ending...

Lifestyle Tips to Combat Inflammation

Did you know you can influence inflammation through your lifestyle? With inflammation contributing to most chronic illness AND many vague and bizarre symptoms… Following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is basic preventive medicine. Here are some ideas: 🥑...

What’s causing inflammation?

This is going to be controversial but… Chronic inflammation is not a “root cause” of disease. We can document evidence of chronic inflammation on blood tests, but that doesn’t mean we know the cause. 🔥 Why is the inflammation in the first place? What’s...

Nearly every chronic disease is linked to this one thing.

Not enough people are talking about this. Nearly every chronic disease in the world today can be linked back to this same thing. 🔥 Chronic Inflammation 🔥 3 out of 5 people worldwide die because of chronic inflammatory diseases, and the World Health...

Prebiotics vs. Probiotics vs. Postbiotics

While all these “biotics” may sound the same, they each have a specific job. Here’s what they do and where to find them. PREBIOTICS A prebiotic is an insoluble plant fiber that feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Fructooligosaccharides, inulin, and...