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Add a Restoring Detox to Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List!

Spring is the perfect time of year to invest in repairing, replenishing, and restoring your body and your health. There is no better way for a reboot than a personal spring cleaning, a detoxification of your organs, systems, and functions to get you back on...

A Pathway toward Health without Dead-Ends

If like most people you have made attempts in the past to improve your health only to be let down each time, we want to show you a better way. Whether you struggle from fatigue, weight gain, chronic pain, low sex drive, mood swings, allergies, depression,...

Don't Hold the (Himalayan) Salt!

Himalayan Rock Salt is highly recommended when you enroll and begin to make changes in the Metabolic Reset Program at Princeton Integrative Health. But what is it and why use it?  Himalayan Rock Salt is said to have been discovered in the 11th century and is...

10 Ways to Reduce Stress & Balance the Fight/Flight Hormone, Cortisol!

Cortisol controls many functions in our body including blood sugar levels, metabolism, inflammation, immunity, memory, and blood pressure. Many experts refer to it as our internal fight or flight response. When we’re faced with a crisis, cortisol is our first...

Set & Achieve 2020 Goals: A Simple Way to Keep New Years Resolutions

2020 is clearly here and resolutions are rocking or maybe rolling out the door. Likely, your list includes one of the universal resolutions like cleaning up your diet and losing weight, or being kinder and more intentional, or even working out physically....

Quiz: How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar?

For years, health experts have urged and begged us to consume less sugar. Sadly, their advice is falling on deaf ears. Consider this: In 1700, the average person consumed 1.25 teaspoons of sugar a day. By 1900, that soared to 28 teaspoons daily. And in 2009,...

Less Weight. Less Clutter. More Balance.

Marcia Wolf’s Journey to a Better Night’s Sleep Marcia Wolf came to Princeton Integrative Health looking for answers—and a better night’s sleep. No matter what sleep remedies she tried, she continued to wake up at the same time every night and could not...

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life

Once again, the $66 billion dollar weight loss industry is ringing in the new year by ringing in the sales made from “resolutioners” looking for the “secret” to weight loss. Yet it’s no secret that fad diets don’t work, and that new year’s resolutions don’t...