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5 Normal Symptoms that Shouldn't be Considered Normal

Even though we live in our bodies 24/7, we sometimes dismiss some subtle signs and symptoms as just the “norm.” Here’s your chance to tune in with your body and make a practice out of it. Re-evaluate what “normal” means to you and what you want your new...

How Heavy Metals Weigh on Your Body

Heavy metals can accumulate in the body, disputing an individuals’ homeostasis and lead to chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, and even autoimmune diseases. The heavy metals that are believed to cause the most disease are: Arsenic Lead...

Prevent and Protect Yourself Against Lyme Disease!

Lyme disease is the most common American tick-borne infectious disease, and often goes undiagnosed or becomes misdiagnosed. Each year, up to 300,000 new cases a year of Lyme disease diagnoses have been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and...

Do I Need Functional Medicine Testing?

Both conventional medicine and functional medicine doctors rely on laboratory test results to better understand what is going on inside the body. There are limits, of course, to what these tests reveal. How do you know if you need to take a closer look under...

Good Health Starts with a Healthy Gut

According to Hippocrates, “All disease begins in the gut,” a concept that has withstood the test of time. Like our brains, our guts play a significant role in regulating our metabolism as well as our mood, our thoughts and our hormones–essentially our overall...

Six Overlooked Causes of Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases affect more than 50 million Americans. With symptoms that range from stomach pain to joint pain to itchy skin and fatigue, autoimmune diseases are often underdiagnosed as they mimic those of so many other conditions. There are more than 80...