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Support Your Immune System with 5 Simple Supplements!

Winter is coming, but it feels like it decided to arrive a little early here in the northeast. We know how important it is to support our immune system in the colder months, but a little extra Vitamin C doesn't exactly cut it these days. At PIH, we have...

Arm Yourself with a COVID19 Vaccine Detox Kit!

Vaccine Detox Kit at Princeton Integrative Health Arm your Immune & Central Nervous System with a COVID19 Vaccine Detox Kit! By Regina Schoenberger The United States Covid-19 vaccine rollout continues with two different available vaccines as a means to combat...

Redesign Your Destiny

As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus and the toll it has taken all around the world, we're also learning more about why it affected some much worse than others. While many healthy people died from COVID-19, the vast majority of cases had...

COVID-19 and Adaptive Denial

I was working with a patient the other day, a mental health professional, who used a term that I hadn’t really heard before and certainly had never taken time to process. Adaptive Denial is a cognitive skill involving an unhelpful or unwanted urge, image or...

Systemic Effects of COVID-19/Coronavirus

While much remains unknown about this “novel” coronavirus spreading across the globe, what we have seen is that the disease can affect multiple systems, wreaking havoc on the body and well-being. I thought it would be helpful to share my understanding of what...

Update from PIH on Coronavirus

Friends, Here’s the deal. We’ve been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we had all intentions to continue business as usual while taking recommended precautions to prevent spread and stay as healthy as possible But that all changed this week. We’ve...

Coronavirus Preparedness - Prevention is Paramount

As the concern and fear around this now pandemic virus grows, we wanted to share the following information / insight with you. First, it's important not to fall prey to the hysteria, but rather to boost your immune system. Viruses like this will cause more...