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Children & Chiropractic

Children & Chiropractic

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We all have high hopes for our children. Above all we want them to be happy, be healthy and reach their fullest potential. Raising children is an extraordinary responsibility. Including regular Chiropractic Care helps create the best opportunity for healthy prenatal and adolescent growth. Abnormal spinal and joint function with a resulting impaired nervous system is not only found in adults, but also in our children.  


These misalignments in our joints which negatively affect the nervous system are called Subluxations. Chiropractors gently detect & correct these subluxations so that our children’s bodies can function properly. Left unaddressed, subluxations can lead to many problems including chronic earaches, scoliosis, pain, sickness, cramps, headaches, inability to focus, poor sleep, and more.  


‘Growing pains’ may be common, but they are not normal. Uneven leg length, unbalanced hips, and other underlying spinal distortions often go unnoticed. We see the results years later in adults with chronic, more difficult-to-correct problems, which were totally preventable. Aches and pains at any age are signs that something isn’t right. Rather than treating symptoms with dangerous drugs, chiropractic safely detects and corrects the underlying cause.


It is our duty as parents to make healthy choices on our children’s behalf. Please choose wisely and give your child the opportunity to be their very best!  Our elite Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Lillee, is here to help. You can Schedule with Dr. Lillee by calling the office or clicking HERE.