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Hip Problems

Hip Problems


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Hip Problems


The hip is one of the most common joints to suffer from arthritis and degeneration! This is due to the hip being a heavily utilized weight-bearing joint. Most hip problems can avoid risky surgery if they are dealt with early and properly. The hip joint is designed for mobility- there are many ranges of motion within this joint which become limited and dysfunctional over time, without us ever realizing it. This dysfunction starts to create unnecessary wear and tear, leading to slow destruction of the joint. This break-down often occurs over the course of years long before we ever have pain.


Common initial symptoms of dysfunction in this area include tightness on the outside of the thigh, slight discomfort getting in & out of the car, more soreness after exercise, and less ability to stay on our feet for longer periods of time. Quality of life can quickly decrease due to our need to utilize our hip joints every time we stand and walk. When our hips are assessed by the Chiropractor, the dysfunctional movement patterns are identified and corrected early on. When proper function is restored to these joints, existing hip problems are safely treated, and further problems are safely prevented.    


Our elite Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Lillee, would love to be of help to you- safely eliminating your hip pain or preventing you from having hip problems in the future. You can Schedule with Dr. Lillee HERE.  


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