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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving While Being Apart

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving While Being Apart

For many of us, Thanksgiving will look very different this year and coming together as a family may not be possible. Try not to let the distance between your loved ones prevent you from connecting with each other and embracing the opportunity to create unique memories, even if they're made virtually. We've come up with some fun and easy ideas to brighten your Thanksgiving while at the same time reducing your stress and anxiety (and we could all use some of that!):

1. Dine together - Set up a laptop or other device at one of the place settings at your table and enjoy the meal together. Don't forget to kick off the meal with a toast to give thanks to technology for brining everyone together!

2. Family game night - Team up for a few rounds of virtual Trivia, Heads Up, or Charades  to keep each other entertained and bring some much needed laughter to your holiday!

3. Have a Sing-A-Long - Ask everyone pick their favorite tunes (or if you're already feeling the holiday spirit, some Christmas carols), and belt them out! (Bonus points if someone can play a musical instrument to accompany your beautiful voices)

4. Mad Libs - No need to elaborate, fun and laughter for the whole family for hours on end. (Check out these cute Thanksgiving edition Mad Libs on Etsy!)

5. Read a story - Take turns reading through a classic fairy tale or epic adventure to inspire everyone to keep hanging in there and looking forward to better days ahead.

We hope these simple ideas will help make your Thanksgiving a little happier. But remember, however you decide to spend your holiday, where there is love, there is much to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from the PIH Team!