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Measure Your Metabolism – What the Bathroom Scale Isn’t Telling You

Measure Your Metabolism – What the Bathroom Scale Isn’t Telling You


Whether from a doctor or relative, many of us have been told at some point in our life to “watch our weight.”

Or you may have been advised to monitor your body mass index (BMI).

Unless you follow the latest scientific findings in health and fitness, you may not be aware that  measurements of metabolic health have evolved significantly over the last many years with the latest and greatest technology being that of body composition testing through bioelectrical impedance (BIA).  Body composition is what your body weight is made of, lean body mass, which contains skeletal muscle, water, bone, and protein, and fat mass.

Essentially, especially as we age, we want more lean body mass, and less fat mass.  While watching your weight and BMI may help you to generally monitor your obesity risk, it can’t determine the composition of your total body weight.  For example, if you were to gain skeletal muscle mass and keep your body fat mass levels the same, according to BMI, your obesity risk would increase when, in fact, it should decrease.

BIA testing is one of the few non-invasive methods of identifying how much fat mass a person holds in addition to over 30 additional insightful metabolic measurements, which can be used for tracking health and, ultimately, preventing chronic disease.  These metrics are essential on your roadmap to health to determine your best, unique approach to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle habits, sleep, and medical interventions allowing you to plan and monitor progress on your transformation journey.

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