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Set & Achieve 2020 Goals: A Simple Way to Keep New Years Resolutions

Set & Achieve 2020 Goals: A Simple Way to Keep New Years Resolutions

2020 is clearly here and resolutions are rocking or maybe rolling out the door. Likely, your list includes one of the universal resolutions like cleaning up your diet and losing weight, or being kinder and more intentional, or even working out physically. Lofty goals indeed!

Maybe your resolutions are masterfully prepared, and easily trackable. There are many acronyms that can help create resolutions that work. For example, a SMART goal is one that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable. A SIMPLE goal is one that is specific, important, meaningful, positive, limited, and educatable. Another type of goal is CLEAR:  collaborative, limited, emotional, appreciable and refinable. Do yours match up with any of these? 

Smart, simple and clear, that seems easy, right? Revisit your resolutions and reword them to keep you accountable and destined for success. It’s early January, and the horizon is slightly blurry, how can our daily distractions be kept to a minimum so that personal success is possible? 

Just keeping track of a goal is a job in and of itself. Here are a few ideas to keep your thoughts organized, energy revved up, and eyes focused on the prize:

  • Spend less time online whether that’s reading, watching or listening. Limit your online activity by checking your email and social media during specific blocks of time. And while you are at it, un-subscribe and un-automate the buzz for updates.
  • Do less, better. Be less busy and more engaged. Finish one task at a time with an all-encompassing universal journal for all your thoughts, dreams, ideas, to-dos, minutiae, rather than lots of slips of paper (check out Happy Planner or Panda Planner).
  • Write out daily or weekly goals at night- get stuff done. Try to add a happiness or gratitude statement.
  • Say NO a few times (take note of how NO feels – in your journal!). Are you choosing a fattening dinner with friends or movies vs the scheduled yoga class. Are you a resistor or an avoider? Small victories written down add up to your success.
  • Leave the building, office, or the kitchen -get away from chaos and food to get some fresh air, sort out your ‘why’ feelings. Try to leave your phone at home if you can.
  • Create a new ritual or explore a new hobby. Maybe fermentation, recycled art or creative writing. How about an evening warm shower, mushroom coffee or hibiscus tea? Find a great blogger, and buy their book instead of always looking up online, become friendly with the library.  

So, put the cell phone down (or other device) and focus on yourself – the one who existed before the internet. WAVE it hello: Write it, Act it, Visualize it, and Evaluate it. Write it down, empty your thoughts onto paper and then KISS it goodbye. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Here’s to a fabulous 2020.  You are awesome.