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Maintain a Healthy Weight for Life

Once again, the $66 billion dollar weight loss industry is ringing in the new year by ringing in the sales made from “resolutioners” looking for the “secret” to weight loss. Yet it’s no secret that fad diets don’t work, and that new year’s resolutions don’t...

Skip the New Year's Resolutions. Rewrite Your Health History

The cat’s been out of the bag for a long time. New Year’s resolutions don’t work. Santa doesn’t come down the chimney either, although he is trying to lose weight and exercise more just like the rest of us. While we love holiday traditions and storytelling,...

Gratitude Is Good for Your Health

Every year at Thanksgiving, we are reminded to acknowledge the goodness in our lives—the people and moments for which we are most grateful. It’s a wonderful tradition that sets the tone for a meaningful and authentic holiday season. Why stop there? At...